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Slide, Film Scanning Tip

On the off chance that you don't know how to appropriately stack your slides or negatives into your scanner, you are going to waste time. Here's three basic tips to rapidly figure out what side is the thing that: 

1. Slides and Negatives Have Two Sides 

Did you realize that a 35mm slide or 35 negative film strip has a positive and negative side? At the point when your film was created, one side was covered with was is called "emulsion matte". This side with the emulsion matte is the negative side, the other side is sure. I know, a negative strip additionally has a negative side. In any case, don't stress over the wording - simply realize that slides and negatives have two side. What you have to decide is which side is the positive side. 

2. Step by step instructions to Determine The "Positive" Side Of A Slide Or Negative 

I need you to take out a slide, and convey it to a light source, for example, a light or window. Flip the slide forward and backward, and you'll see an unobtrusive contrast. One side will be have little forests, you'll see lines making out a shape, and it will be somewhat dull or hazy. The other side will be gleaming, smooth, and there will be no lines. 

The smooth and sparkling side is the positive side. The other side, the harsh side, is the place the emulsion matte was covered on. This side is the negative. In the event that your Dad, once upon a time, spoiled out and purchased lesser quality id scanner, you'll experience serious difficulties what side is sure or negative. In any case, continue flipping the slide forward and backward, and you'll in the long run see a smooth side versus an unpleasant side. Keep in mind, smooth equivalents positive, harsh equivalents negative. 

Finding the positive/negative side of negative film is a considerable measure less demanding. You can utilize the same method, or you can take a gander at the numbers and letters printed right on the negative. On the off chance that the letters and numbers are in reverse, then that is the negative side. On the off chance that the letters and numbers are confronting you effectively, that is the positive side. 

One all the more fast tip: After looking over 500,000 slides and negatives, I know in a moment which side is which. The negative side of a slide or negative film will be inward - meaning it will scoop in like dish. The positive side will be raised - meaning it will rise out. Be that as it may, be cautious with this technique, infrequently less expensive film will be the a different way. Furthermore, you'll see, perhaps after 100 sweeps, you'll get the hang of it. 

3. Instructions to Load Your Slides And Negatives Properly Into Your id scanner

Since you know more about the positive and negative side of film, I can now let you know what side goes where. 

On the off chance that you have a level bed scanner, you need the positive side DOWN, confronting the window. So when you stack your slides, you need to ensure the unpleasant side is confronting you, and the unmistakable side is confronting toward the glass. It's the same with your negatives- - ensure the letters/numbers on the negative are in reverse when you confront them. Simply think, "sparkly down, filthy up".

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